Carrie-Anne Ryan

Head of Dance - Enhanced DBS

Headshot of Carrie-Anne Ryan

I am the Head of Dance at Take Part. I specialise in both technical and performance dance within Musical Theatre.

I am passionate about nurturing every individual child into the Performer they desire to be. Dance isn’t always about how technically brilliant you are; it’s about the journey, the team work, the failures and the development into being a healthy performer both physically and mentally, both on stage and in life.

My goal is to create and educate the effect that Dance and staging contributes both aesthetically and in regards to the overall fluidity of every production. To me, Dance is all about self expression; it is so personal to every Choreographer and Performer, almost like a fingerprint.  Every single person is different and will move and dance in their own unique way. This is my vision; I will teach the steps, the tricks and every dance combination I can think of, but I will always encourage every student to explore their own personal flair. We are not robots, we are Artists, we express as individuals, but we perform as a team. 

“If you can’t say it, you sing it and if you can’t sing it, you dance it.” – Joey McKneely

Carrie-Anne’s Value To The Team

  • Steady and self motivated
  • Good at listening and then doing
  • Strong completion rate of high, quality work
  • Manager who builds group relations
  • Sticks to mission statement