Cathryn Yates

Performing Arts Tutor - Enhanced DBS

Headshot of Cathryn Yates

I ensure that every individual feels safe, comfortable and happy with the journey they embark on.  Every child needs to feel special and included. I’m also responsible for the oversight of overall operations for the school, ensuring that our young people have everything they need from scripts, costumes and props to encouragement, nurture and promoting self-belief.

I have found that my background in logistics has given me transferable skills to Take Part. Having spent a number of years in the Army, some time volunteering as a family support worker and many years of working as an award winning Choreographer/Dancer this makes me both grounded and level-headed, all whilst encouraging creativity.

I keep calm when the pressure is on, I am strong team player, but I also thrive on individual tasks. I am also honest, resourceful and a problem solver. I believe that ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’ and therefore I champion the underdog in whatever they pursue because I firmly believe anybody can be what they want to be and achieve great things. I believe that everyone can make a difference regardless of their role, background and ability.

I glue Take Part together at our school in New Mills.

Cathryn’s Value To The Team:

  • Reliable & Dependable; Analytical
  • Loyal team worker; Steady
  • Compliant towards authority
  • Calculated risk taker; careful
  • Will take task from beginning to end