Cathryn Yates

Choreographer/Performing Arts Tutor (Glossop Team) - Enhanced DBS (July '22)

Headshot of Cathryn Yates

I ensure that every individual feels safe, comfortable and happy with the journey they embark on.  Every child needs to feel special and included. 

I have found that my background in logistics has given me transferable skills to Take Part. Having spent a number of years in the Army, some time volunteering as a family support worker and many years of working as an award winning Choreographer/Dancer this makes me both grounded and level-headed, all whilst encouraging creativity.

I keep calm when the pressure is on, I am strong team player, but I also thrive on individual tasks. I am also honest, resourceful and a problem solver. I believe that ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’ and therefore I champion the underdog in whatever they pursue because I firmly believe anybody can be what they want to be and achieve great things. I believe that everyone can make a difference regardless of their role, background and ability.

Cathryn’s Value To The Team:

  • Reliable & Dependable; Analytical
  • Loyal team worker; Steady
  • Compliant towards authority
  • Calculated risk taker; careful
  • Will take task from beginning to end