Daniel Booth

Business Development & Relationships Manager

Headshot of Daniel Booth

I spend most of my time working ‘behind the scenes’ as we like to say in the entertainment industry! 

I’m fairly new to the ‘Take Part’ scene but that doesn’t mean I don’t have BIG ideas or a wealth of experience behind me.  I’m passionate about Performing Arts, initially pursuing further training as a Musical Theatre performer at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama to MA level. This exposure to the industry, combined with a background in sales and customer service means I am well placed to help ‘Take Part’ in the next stage of its development. My ideology is simple – to reach as many people as possible and spread the wellbeing benefits that engagement in Performing Arts can provide to ALL, even to those who don’t yet know they need it. 

I am currently working on expanding our technical assets to improve our customer experience and improve internal efficiencies. This will mean that our Tutors can spend more time doing what they do best, coaching curious and receptive minds! 

I like to consider myself a visionary.  I’m absolutely not an ‘if it ain’t broken why fix it?’ kind of guy. Our planet and those who inhabit it are in a constant state of change; therefore the global community must continue to challenge, innovate, adapt and grow and I want to play my part in this.  The primary purpose of Take Part is in the development of others.