Hannah Gilsenan

Performing Arts Tutor - Enhanced DBS

Headshot of Hannah Gilsenan

Hi I’m Hannah and I’ve been performing in musicals and shows with Take Part as a student since it started, and am now a member of the P&P program. I have always had a passion for performing and have worked with Take Part over the past year learning how to pass on my skills and experience to others. I am currently studying Songwriting at the BIMM Institute in Manchester.

My first performance was at age 5 after I had started dance classes. I was always singing though and, at age 10, I began musical theatre classes with Take Part. Initially, I solely focused on musical theatre but had a lot of anxiety around performing. Over the last two years I have worked on furthering my skills in acting and music, I started taking the Rockschool course because I wanted to develop my love for singing but feel confident performing as myself and not just as a character. I developed more of an appreciation for music over this time and love the fact that there are so many different styles and genres that can be found or fused together, it means that there is music for everyone and that you can learn to appreciate someone’s sound and skill even if its miles away from your own. I am now going to study a two year songwriting diploma at BIMM learning to write my own music and maybe even come up with a whole new genre, who knows? 

I believe that everyone should be allowed creative freedom, whether this is professional or even as a hobby, I think it stops you limiting yourself and builds life skills in a fun environment. I’m so excited to be able to share this passion with my students and allow those who haven’t found what they love to potentially explore what they are interested in and build their confidence!