Jessica Jayne Jordan

Performing Arts Tutor

Headshot of Jessica Jayne Jordan

I teach LAMDA Musical Theatre and Adult Tap at Take Part. I pride myself on my passion for performance.

I have trained in the three Arts; Singing, Dancing, Acting from the age of 6, and I have been performing professionally from the age of 11, graduating from Phil Winston’s Theatre Works focusing on Musical Theatre and gaining my qualification to teach along the way.  My professional experience includes TV, Radio and Stage; including The Palladium, Wembley and The Palace Theatre, Festivals, Qdos Pantomimes, Luxury Cruise Ships and various performances as a Solo Vocalist, along with numerous charity performances across the country. I have travelled extensively around the world performing, meeting interesting, and fabulous people from every possible background, learning about different cultures which I feel extremely lucky to have experienced.

I really enjoy teaching the LAMDA Syllabus as there is such focus on performance and ‘acting through song’ as well as singing techniques to support breathing and vocals through exercise and knowledge. For Musical Theatre especially, looking at a character and stepping into their shoes is one of the more exciting parts of performance. We spend time learning about the character’s feelings and how we can portray that to an audience and bring them into our character’s world.

I am now happily married with a son and enjoy passing my wealth of knowledge and experience onto my students and watching them grow in confidence, hoping that each child whatever their ability and experience can get as much enjoyment as I have throughout my career. I truly believe that my success and confidence was instilled in me by my Teachers’ support and enthusiasm from a young age and into my professional career and I hope I can inspire and instil that same self confidence and enthusiasm in my students at Take Part.