Katherine Rushton

Operations Manager & Chaperone Lead - Mental Health First Aider - Enhanced DBS (Feb '22)

Headshot of Katherine Rushton

Harnessing 25 years of experience in teaching, advising, coaching and empowering children and adults, including the past 11 years of being a Mum, it’s fair to say that my calling is to serve and care for people.  I particularly love to nurture and empower children and families who are marginalised in some way – trauma, neurodiversity, physical and mental health challenges.  My offerings include yoga, special yoga for SEND, movement and meditation; coaching, EFT; and Doula services. 

I am  particularly interested in how children’s brains develop and the factors that can influence or interrupt health brain development.  Over the past 11 years, I have carried out extensive research into neuroscience and the fascinating world of neurodiversity.  I have personal experience of unpicking complex SEND and implementing strategies and activities that meet those needs. 

Through personal experience and my daughter’s love for Performing Arts, I am keenly aware of the therapeutic benefits of Drama and Musical Theatre, and I am a huge advocate of drama therapy, Take Part in general, and particularly Take Part’s pastoral approach with SEND expertise.  I adore all the children I work with at Take Part.  They are little bundles of stardust and infinite potential, and being involved in shaping their experience of life is a blessing.  My particular speciality is nurturing and encouraging children with SEND. It’s truly humbling and heartwarming to bear witness to children not only overcoming challenges and adversity, but growing in confidence and shining their unique light into the world.