Leanne Chance

Head of Glossop

Headshot of Leanne Chance

I am Head of Take Part, Glossop. I trained at Laine Theatre Arts and have had a successful 25 year professional Performing Arts career and hold a Level 5 Qualification in Child Psychology.

I relish blending these two worlds; I can unlock children’s minds and hearts so they believe in themselves, through the art of performance. I have performed all over the world, on many different stages, experienced many personalities and worked in literally 100’s of casts, sometimes living with them; there is not a personality type I have not encountered!

For me, performing is therapy. There are so many different ways to explore and embrace your emotions. I enjoy working with educational establishments, providing a performance therapy for children with challenging behaviour. Through fun and passion, I assess and tailor each class accordingly making sure individuals feel comfortable and that they grow at their own pace. I want everybody to feel confident, and believe in themselves. It will help in every area of life moving forwards if they can confidently build a career knowing they are capable of achieving anything they put their mind to.

They can sit an exam, they can have a successful interview, they can front a presentation, they can be a team leader and they can be who they want to be! … and I can help them achieve their goals.