Tracy Hall

Director of First Impressions

Headshot of Tracy Hall

I have actively been involved with Take Part since 2015, starting out as a Chaperone, then moving onto Front of House duties. This is the perfect role for me and I absolutely love my time spent here every Saturday.

I am sometimes referred to as ‘The Face’ of Take Part, as I’m usually the first person that students, parents and any other visitors will meet on arrival. I thrive on being the most welcoming, bubbly and smiley person that I can possibly be, which is what is expected and deserved by all who attend. I always make myself available and approachable for anyone with any questions or queries, or for anyone who just requires pointing in the right direction.

Seeing all the children and young adults arriving for their sessions gives me such a buzz. The excitement and anticipation on their faces is just heart-warming.

I believe that Customer Service is paramount to the success of any business and reflects upon the entire organisation. In my opinion, the personal touch that I offer is a vital part of the whole Take Part package. Parents frequently like to interact with me and I like to think that I have all the required personality traits to carry out my role at Take Part to the max!