Zoe Eastwood

Digital Marketing Apprentice & Performing Arts Tutor

Headshot of Zoe Eastwood

I trained at Centrepointe Dance College and have recently obtained a BA(Hons) in Professional Dance & Musical Theatre at Laine Theatre Arts.

Singing and dancing have always been a passion of mine, expressing and exploring emotion through music has always been a liberating release. These passions have always provided the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and other people through empathy and self-reflection. It has been a huge part of my journey and I have learnt that the creative arts is not just a job: it nurtures careers, sparks passion, is used for therapy, brings people together, and is a beautiful way to express ourselves. 

Over the past few years I’ve also found another huge passion of mine is to promote and practice inclusivity. I believe everyone should ‘Take Part’ and in my classes I strive to make every person in the room feel they belong and included. As part of this, I also understand that everyone learns in different ways and at different rates. Therefore, as part of my goal to make a more inclusive space, all my classes are catered to making sure everyone has the space to grow and develop. 

I also love to explore movement and our voices, creating dynamic sounds and choreography. Experimenting and exploring allows us to uncover parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed and as Digital Marketing Apprentice I hope to share all of our great individuality and unique selves, as far and wide as possible.

Being in the industry I have experienced extraordinary, eccentric, quirky characters and these were the most inspiring people of all. Creativity has no limits and I want everyone at Take Part to have the courage to take risks and find their courage and be the best version of themselves.