Zoe Eastwood

Digital Marketing Apprentice & Performing Arts Tutor

Headshot of Zoe Eastwood

I studied at Centre Pointe Dance College for twelve months and have since obtained a Level 5 Diploma in Professional Dance & Musical Theatre from Laine Theatre Arts.

Singing and dancing have always been a passion of mine; expressing and exploring emotion through music has always been a soul-stirring experience for me.  Over the past few years I have found a new passion for teaching. Using the opportunity to help children, and adults unlock potential, find their own voice, build confidence and showcase everyones unique magic is indescribable.

In the industry I have experienced extraordinary, eccentric, quirky characters and these were the most inspiring people of all. Creativity has no limits and I want everyone at Take Part to have the courage to take risks, find their courage and be the best version of themselves.  

I love to explore voice and movement and show people how to uncover parts of themselves they didn’t even know existed. Everyone learns at different rates and all my classes are catered to making sure everyone has equal opportunity.

Performing arts can be a job, can build careers, spark passion, and be used as therapy so I think it’s important to share it with everybody.