Performance & Preparation Programme

At this point your young person will have a strong idea as to whether or not they wish to continue on in pursuing the performing arts as a potential career option. Our ‘Performance & Preparation Programme’ does exactly what it says on the tin; it prepares your young person as best as possible for onward training / direct industry experience. The programme is rigorous and split into two core strands as follows:

A) Musical Theatre Performance
B) Popular Vocal Performance

Students can also opt for an additional elective module in either of the following (though not compulsory):

Popular Vocals

Not for the workshy – this will really put those dedicated individuals through their paces.

  • Holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to be able to succeed in employment and further education in the field of Performing Arts and Creative Arts.
  • Integrated technical knowledge and skills, demonstrating an understanding of the Learners chosen Performing Arts field and the techniques required to perform within that discipline.
  • 3 x Musical Theatre shows per academic year (Musical Theatre pathway only) – Performances will be grounded in thorough and relevant preparation. Physical and vocal techniques will be combined to engage the audience.
  • RockSchool Qualification (Popular Vocals pathway only) Level 3 (UCAS points). This pathway will also culminate in a live gig towards the end of the academic year.

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