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We are producing Aladdin Jr. at New Mills School and we are looking for our amazing cast…

All auditions will be held via video submissions, with the deadline on Wednesday 29 March 2023 at 15.00.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have signed up to our Theatrical Experience classes on Saturdays via Class For Kids. You can do this on our Book Classes page.

*Please note: To be part of the ensemble no audition is necessary as we are fully inclusive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


Ring bells! Bang the drums!
Are you gonna love this exciting stage adaptation of the legendary tale of the lovable thief with the heart of gold! Join Aladdin, Jasmine, and the fast-talking, wise cracking Genie as they discover mystical caves, take magic carpet rides, and out wit the evil sorcerer, Jafar. Adapted especially for young performers, this musical includes favourite Alan Menken songs such as ‘Friend Like Me,’ ‘A Whole New World,’ and ‘Prince Ali,’ as well as wonderful new songs added for the Broadway productionWith new, colorful characters and non stop adventureAladdin JR. is sure to be a crowdpleaser for all ages!

Genie and the Agrabahns welcome us to Agrabah, introducing Aladdin and his penniless pals, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim; Princess Jasmine and her doting father, the Sultan; and the evil Jafar and Iago (“Overture/ Arabian Night”s). Inside the marketplace, a Shop Owner berates the hungry Aladdin for stealing a loaf of bread, causing Razoul and his Guards to chase after him and his pals (“One Jump Ahead”) until they escape. Afterward, when an Apple Vendor reviles two Beggars, Aladdin offers them his bread and defends them when Prince Abdullah shoves them out of his way (“One Jump Ahead – Reprise / Proud of Your Boy”).

In the palace, Jafar plots with Iago to become Sultan as Jasmine rejects Prince Abdullah and the Sultan declares that she must marry by the next moon. Frustrated, Jasmine confides in her attendants – Isir, Manal, and Rajah – who encourage her to open up to experiences beyond the palace (“These Palace Walls”). As Jasmine disguises herself and takes off to heed their advice, Jafar and Iago invoke an incantation, and a Spooky Voice reveals that Aladdin is the key to finding a magic lamp that will grant Jafar the power to become Sultan.

In the marketplace, Aladdin and his friends put on a show in hope of earning some money (“Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim”). When Aladdin notices the seemingly out-of-place Jasmine and offers to show her around the marketplace, Jasmine unthinkingly takes an apple from a vendor, catching the attention of the guards. The two escape together and share their mutual experience of feeling “trapped.” When the guards discover and detain them, Jasmine reveals herself to be the Princess and is escorted back to the palace, vowing to get Aladdin released. In disguise, Jafar and Iago pay off the guards and lead Aladdin to the Cave of Wonders, where he is instructed to fetch only the lamp. Distracted by the treasures, Aladdin becomes trapped within the cave until he rubs the lamp and releases the all-powerful Genie (“Friend Like Me”), who helps him escape. Granting the first of Aladdin’s three wishes, Genie transforms him into Prince Ali Ababwa, which Aladdin hopes will help him to woo Jasmine.

Back at the palace, Jafar, thinking that Aladdin is still trapped in the cave, informs a despondent Jasmine that the boy’s sentence has already been carried out. Just then, Aladdin and his friends make a grand entrance as Prince Ali with his Entourage (“Prince Ali”), but his demeanor offends Jasmine, who storms off. Frustrated, Aladdin lashes out at his friends, who in turn abandon him and leave the palace.

Later, on the Princess’s balcony, Prince Ali gains Jasmine’s trust and invites her on a magic carpet ride (“A Whole New World”). After bidding her farewell, Aladdin is arrested by Jafar for trespassing in the Princess’s private chambers.

Omar, returning to help Aladdin, witnesses his arrest and runs to tell his pals, who pledge to help him (“High Adventure”), but they too are detained as they storm the palace. Aladdin uses his second wish, and Genie frees them all.

Aladdin vows to tell Jasmine the truth, but changes his mind when she tells him he is to become Sultan after they wed. Unsure of his own moral character and ability, Aladdin fears he may need his third wish to succeed as a ruler. After a disappointed Genie turns his back on Aladdin and retreats into the lamp, Aladdin weighs his options, and ultimately runs off to tell Jasmine the truth. He leaves behind the lamp, which Jafar and Iago gleefully take.

At the wedding, Jafar reveals Prince Ali’s real identity (“Prince Ali – Reprise”) and demands that Genie make him Sultan. Aladdin then tricks him into wishing
to become the most powerful genie of all time – forever trapping him inside his own lamp. Using his last wish, Aladdin frees Genie; and the Sultan, moved by Aladdin’s courage and Jasmine’s wisdom, alters the law so that the Princess can rule Agrabah and marry whomever she chooses. Picking Aladdin, Jasmine and all of Agrabah live happily, and freely, ever after (“Finale”).


Character Descriptions

Below we have the music and lyrics for all of our principle roles where you can decide which roles you would like to audition for. You can audition for more than one role.

We also would like to highlight that children/young people of any gender can audition for any of the principle roles and the production is a fully inclusive show.  We won’t be changing the gender of the role or the name of the character or the pronouns associated with the character, as this would be a violation of copyright. 

For your video recording please use the backing track provided, not the vocal track.  Please perform the musical numbers, using acting through song suitable for the character – don’t just sing the song, we need to see a performance. 


Aladdin – Year 5/6

Character Description

Aladdin, a poor street urchin, longs to make his mother proud, but sometimes loses his way. He’s the thief with a heart of gold, so will be casting a charismatic actor with the versatility to play both the playful prankster and romantic lead. You will need to have the vocal chops to carry this heavy- singing role.

Script1 Script2 Script3 Proud of Your Boy, sheet music Proud of Your Boy - with vocals (from 1.08 to the end) Proud of Your Boy - backing track - PLEASE USE THIS FOR YOUR AUDITION (from 1.08 to the end)


Babkak, Omar and Kassim – Year 5/6

Character Description

Babkak, Omar, and Kassim are Aladdin’s three loyal and playful pals. Babkak is the Agrabahn foodie who loves to snack, kindhearted Omar has a sensitive soul, and stubborn Kassim yearns to be a leader. These 3 will be a truly tight-knit trio of strong singers and actors.

Script Song sheet music High Adventure - Vocal Track (start at 0.30 to 1.22) High Adventure - Backing Track (start at 0.30 to 1.22)


Genie – Year 5/6

Character Description

Genie is the fast-talking, fun-loving, scene- stealing wisecracker who lives in the lamp and yearns to be free. Genie doesn’t need to be a strong singer or dancer – we will be looking for an actor with great comic timing and a flashy and fun sense of showmanship.

Script Song Lyrics Friend Like Me - Vocal Track (start at 0.00 to 0.48) Friend Like Me - Backing Track (start at 0.00 to 0.48)


Iago – Year 3-6

(please use this audition piece for Prince Abdullah, Spooky Voice, Cave of Wonders, Fortune Teller, Razoul)

Character Description

Iago is the fawning and funny sidekick to Jafar. With only one lyric to sing, focus on finding an actor who can execute this lackey’s many sarcastic asides with comedic flair.

Script Song Lyrics Prince Ali Reprise - Vocal Track (from the beginning to 0.23 - sing all lyrics) Prince Ali Reprise - Vocal Track (from the beginning to 0.23 - sing all lyrics)


Isir, Manal, and Raja – Year 3-6

Character Description

Isir, Manal, and Rajah, Jasmine’s devoted attendants, keep the Princess grounded with their honesty and openness. Isir, whose name means ‘inspiration,’ is optimistic; Manal, ‘achievement,’ is assertively encouraging; and Rajah, ‘hope,’ is the most protective. Above all, we will be casting strong singers who can pull off ‘These Palace Walls’.

Song Lyrics These Palace Walls - Vocal Track (From the beginning until 1.11) These Palace Walls - Backing Track (From the beginning until 1.11)


Jafar – Year 5/6

Character Description

Jafar is the power-hungry and crooked Grand Vizier. We will be casting a strong actor who can sing and portray both sides of Jafar’s two-faced personality – loyal advisor to the Sultan and scheming villain – as well as pull off delicious comedic moments with his lackey, Iago.

Script Song Lyrics Prince Ali Reprise - Vocal Track (from the beginning to 0.23 - sing all lyrics) Prince Ali Reprise - Backing Track (from the beginning to 0.23 - sing all lyrics)


Jasmin – Year 5/6

Character Description

Jasmine, the Princess of Agrabah, longs to experience the world outside the palace walls. Curious and assertive, she knows what she wants and craves the freedom to make her own choices. We will be casting a strong actor and singer who can portray both the romantic lead and a young woman caught between her responsibilities to her people and to herself.

Script Song Lyrics These Palace Walls - Vocal Track (From the beginning until 1.11) These Palace Walls - Backing Track (From the beginning until 1.11)


Sultan – Year 5/6

Character Description

Sultan, the warm-hearted ruler who dotes on his daugther, is committed to upholding the ancient laws of Agrabah. With only a single lyric to sing, we will be focusing on casting an actor who can play this father figure convincingly.

Script Song Lyrics Prince Ali - Vocal Track (From the beginning until 1.00 - sing the "Entourage" part and both Group 1 and 2) Prince Ali - Vocal Track (From the beginning until 1.00 - sing the "Entourage" part and both Group 1 and 2)

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