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Each week we provide high quality education in the field of performing arts to all individuals within our local communities and beyond. Our key provision is aimed at young people, but our services continue to expand in response to demand and our outreach/diversity agenda. The service is completely inclusive and promotes creativity, social & personal development and resilience whilst maintaining our promise of an excellent quality of teaching.

Our classes encompass all areas of the performing arts industry from theatre, TV, radio and beyond. Participants will learn a wide range of skills in acting, singing, dancing, musicianship, improvisation, public speaking, devising, business and much more! We have options for students as young as 3 all the way through to 100 (and more if you’re lucky enough to get there!).

For group classes click on the appropriate age group below to find out more about what is available to you or alternatively if private classes are of more interest to you please click on ‘Private Classes’.

Our son has attended Take Part for the last 5 years and he describes it as a very special place where he feels he belongs and can be himself.

Shelley & Jamie Hornsey


3-4 years

(Pre-school Years)

Your toddler will be joining us from a very young age – our aim is to stimulate early development through engagement in creative activities.

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Stage 1

4–7 years

(School Years: Reception – Year 2)

At this early age your child is beginning to find themselves and really ‘come into their own’ – our aim is to find their unique characteristics and traits and promote these through confidence building exercises with a focus on teamwork and social interaction.

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Stage 2

7–11 years

(School Years: Year 3 – Year 6)

In these middle years your child is in a core phase of knowledge acquisition – we will encourage further growth and discovery by introducing them to fundamental methodologies and practices used with the performing arts industries at an appropriate entry level.

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Stage 3

11–14 years

(School Years: Year 7 – Year 9)

By these further years your child experiences rapid change in the form of their transition into secondary education. Our training model follows suit with skills based workshops within specific areas of the performing arts – at this stage they learn to articulate their concepts and thoughts in a rational and confident manner; we aid in this expression and promote positive creative mindsets.

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Stage 4

14 - 17 years

(School Years: Year 10+)

At this point your young person may or may not have a strong idea as to whether or not they wish to continue on in pursuing the performing arts as a potential career option. Our Stage 4 classes continue to boost self confidence as they begin to make their own ideas and choices, as well as give them a more professional performance experience.

Within these classes we also like to push our performers who want the extra challenge; encouraging resilience and confidence. 

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Private Classes

All ages

Our Head of Music, Roxy Verdon, offers RockSchool private lessons for those who want to explore their musical sound. Each session is tailored to each individual to help build confidence and find your voice.

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