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If you’ve got a pre-school drama queen or king, or a tiny, timid little mouse, then Take Part Tots Saturday class is just for them. Come along make new friends, increase confidence and have loads of fun whilst you’re doing it!

Take Part Tots is an introductory class to our ‘Theatrical Experience’ sessions we hold on Saturday mornings. We will be introducing all aspects of theatre skills; singing (learning new age-appropriate ‘show tunes’ and finding out about rhythm, timing and how sounds are formed, dancing (giving our ‘tots’ the confidence to try new dance moves and explore how their bodies can perform) and acting (allowing our budding young actors to role play and practise improvisation and storytelling, developing speech and voice).  Take Part Tots is perfect for building children’s confidence, increasing their social skills and health and fitness as well as giving them a chance to learn new skills whilst having lots of fun!!

Saturday Mornings

09:30 - 10:15

Take Part Tots

£18 per month

Stage 1

4–7 years

(School Years: Reception – Year 2)

At this early age your child is beginning to find themselves and really ‘come into their own’.  Our aim is to find their unique characteristics and traits and promote these through confidence building exercises with a focus on teamwork and social interaction.

Saturday Mornings

09:30 - 11:00

Theatrical Experience

£33 per month

Stage 2

7–11 years

(School Years: Year 3 – Year 6)

In these middle years your child is in a core phase of knowledge acquisition.  We will encourage further growth and discovery by introducing them to fundamental methodologies and practices used with the Performing Arts industries at an appropriate entry level.

Saturday Mornings

11:00 - 13:30

Theatrical Experience

£42 per month

Stage 3

11–14 years

(School Years: Year 7 – Year 9)

By these further years your child experiences rapid change in the form of their transition into secondary education. Our training model follows suit with skills-based workshops within specific areas of Performing Arts.  At this stage they learn to articulate their concepts and thoughts in a rational and confident manner; we aid in this expression and promote positive creative mindsets. 

Saturday Mornings

11:00 -13:30

Theatrical Experience

£42 per month