Charitable Status

Registered Charity Number 1180537

Our charity exists because we believe Performing Arts should be accessible to all. It has been set up to provide Performing Arts opportunities for those less fortunate. 

Our bursaries and Performing Arts projects help people with disablities and those facing financial hardship access opportunities at Take Part.  


Is money stopping you from taking part?  We grant bursaries to people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford access to the opportunities we run at Take Part. A bursary typically pays for a year’s part-time dance, music or drama classes, and it can be used to cover some other expenses and costs too, including exam fees and uniform.

Before you apply

To apply for funding please email ensuring that you have checked eligibility using the above criteria and provided the necessary documentation required. We will then get in touch to discuss your application further.

We welcome your application for a bursary if:

  • you are a UK citizen.
  • you can demonstrate talent and dedication to improving your skills in your chosen art form (you’ll need to receive a good assessment from your tutor each term for funding to continue).
  • you have someone who can support your application with a written reference.
  • you are in full or part-time education and eligible for Pupil Premium and/or Free School Meals. Or if you aren’t in education, employment or training, you can give us evidence of the state benefits you or your family receive so we can assess your financial situation.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee you will receive a bursary despite meeting all of the above criteria as our funding is limited. We will keep you updated on the outcome of your application.

Gather the right documents

When you apply, you’ll need scans, photos or documents of each of these:

  • a letter from the senior management team at your school confirming that you receive Pupil Premium or Free School Meals (if you do receive them).
  • documents to show you (or your family) receive government benefits (if you are not in education, employment or training and can’t get a Pupil Premium record).
  • a copy of a utility bill or council tax letter, as proof of address.
  • a copy of your passport (if you have one).

Who decides to award a bursary?

The Board of Trustees is responsible for awarding grants and for the evaluation of the impact of our bursary scheme. The committee monitor applications to see if any groups or communities are underrepresented, with a view to doing more outreach work. All decisions made by the Trustees are final.

Support our work

We are always looking for new ways to raise money for our charity arm. If you feel you might be in a position to help the work that we do, we would greatly appreciate your support. You can do this in many ways:

  • Simply by spreading the word, sharing our social media posts and helping us with fundraising ideas/events.
  • Making a one-off donation. 
  • Becoming a permanent benefactor via our ‘Friends of Take Part’ scheme (we would always wish to have a face to face meeting with you in this regard given the extent of the commitment involved; it is our hope to forge a true friendship between both parties).

For more information please email Thank you.