All Hallows R.C. High School Transition 2021

All Hallows R.C. High School Transition Programme 2021

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Change is what sets the foundation for opportunity, and the amazing, experienced and energised Transition Coaches at Take Part have been guiding the incoming Year 7 intake through the differences between their current primaries and the exciting opportunities awaiting them at high school.

This new remote programme was written specifically for All Hallows R.C. High School during COVID-19 to aid the smooth transition of their new Year 7 intake. At Take Part we believe that this year, more than ever the importance of change management is absolutely paramount to the future success of these young people, especially at such a pivotal moment of rapid change and growth in their lives. This incredible virtual programme which has been signed off as being safe and secure by DCC.

Even when change appears to be negative in nature, it’s the way we respond to and handle the changes we encounter that makes all the difference and assists young people with their first experience of Secondary School.  As human beings, we need to be open to change if we’re to stand any chance of reaching our full potential. Learning simply to grow and improve as a person and embrace change can be an extremely valuable life skill to learn. The ability to proactively handle change in our everyday lives can have wide-reaching benefits on every aspect of our lives. Change is inevitable and those committed to reaching their maximum potential must learn how to immediately and permanently stop interpreting change as a negative – instead seeing every change for the unique opportunity it represents, whatever your age!

So whether it be lack of control, pace, resistance or resilience we are here to help future Year 7 All Hallows R.C. High School pupils understand and adapt to the changes they will be facing. The ‘Take Part’ team are all qualified in Change Management and will teach strategies to deal with emotions including better ways to manage our anger and ways to calm ourselves, listening skills to assist with communication, formulas for assertiveness and stress management.