Harry Bloor

Currently studying at Manchester School of Theatre

Headshot of Harry Bloor

I was a part of Take Part from when I was 11 and it had just started, right up to being 18. Along the way I have made life long friends, grown immensely as a person and a performer, found a career I love and received a place at drama school.

I say ‘was’ a part of take part, but that’s not exactly true; while I may not be going to classes every week, there will always be a place for me, and anyone, in the Take Part family. The opportunities I’ve had with Take Part are too numerous to list here, and I’ve only been part of it since I was 11, I can’t begin to imagine what’s in store for the current reception class! I know for sure that Take Part will challenge and support them with equal weight, and they will be shaped by it for the better. I am (I hope) unrecognisable from the squeaky voiced 11 year old with his Mums leather jacket on in Grease, not just in height and the pitch of my voice, but in confidence, resilience, skills, creativity and happiness.

The work Take Part does to take care of and develop it’s pupils is brilliant, but the width and professionalism of the theatrical training it provides is equally impressive. During my time there I haven’t just performed in productions, but I’ve stage managed them, directed them, recorded and mixed music for them and created them. Any discipline in the theatre industry can be found within Take Part, taught by an incredible team of industry professionals.  The only other place you’d find a line up of creative, talented, experienced Teachers, Coaches and Mentors is at a drama school, and they’re right on your doorstep in the High Peak.

The best thing about Take Part though, is how adaptive it is. Not enough space? Move the entire organisation to a bigger home in a weekend. Pupils want more acting training? Hire a new drama school graduate. Pandemic? Thousands of classes taught online. Harry wants to be a director? Give him free reign over Elf the musical, why not?

Take part is a hub of creativity, innovation, ambition, care, and love. I couldn’t be prouder to have spent the last 6 years there.