Harry Matthews

Currently studying at Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts

Headshot of Harry Matthews

Since joining Take Part in 2014 I have had opportunities presented to me that I would never have imagined being able to do. Throughout the years I have always felt safe and supported by the brilliant staff that surrounded me every time I was there.

I have made lifelong friends and have indefinitely become a better person because of them and the Take Part Team. From chaperoning to teaching; the experience at Take Part has been one I will never forget, and I am extremely grateful for everything that it has given me.

Since deciding to audition for Drama School, Take Part supported me throughout and prepped me for the auditions thanks to the amazing staff that guided and supported me the whole time. By the time I had my first audition I felt prepared for anything!

I would not be where I am today without Take Part. I feel like it was invaluable to me and I owe all the staff for my achievements.