International Dance Day – Thursday 29 April

30 Apr 2021

International Dance Day

This week we celebrate International Dance Day.  International Dance Day (sometimes referred to as ‘World Dance Day’) is a worldwide event that celebrates all genres of dance.  

It was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) – the world’s largest organisation for the performing arts.

Why is World Dance Day celebrated?

It tries to encourage participation and education in dance by hosting events and festivals across the world. Likewise, it celebrates those who appreciate the value of dance and acts as a wake-up call to the governments and politicians that might be reluctant to recognise its value.  The occasion also aims to bring together people of different cultures, and respects and understands diversity.  The organisers of International Dance Day would like to make others aware of the value of dance in all its forms and share this joy with the whole world.

At Take Part we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to announce our new Mentorship, which I’m thrilled to say is a perfect match!  Carrie will Mentor Caitlin through her teaching journey.  Caitlin is currently studying Performing Arts at Manchester college and wants to blend the skills she’s learning there with teaching opportunities at Take Part.  The dynamic duo will meet on a weekly basis to discuss Caitlin’s ‘quest’ for personal development as a Dance Teacher and Choreographer.  Carrie will assess Caitlin’s progress, giving feedback and motivation to encourage Caitlin’s development.  Caitlin will observe Carrie’s teaching skills to support her own learning and performance.  Good luck Caitlin, you are an amazing asset to the Dance Department at Take Part, I can’t wait to see your creativity put into action.