LAMDA Public Speaking – new for 2021!

02 Dec 2020

LAMDA Public Speaking - new for 2021!

In this ever changing society we live in, why wait to develop the powerful skills of a successful Entrepreneur? So many opportunities reveal themselves when you have the confidence to take on the world. Gaining a sense of control is the most powerful gift you can give.

Louise Coker, CEO Take Part

2021 is the year of the Entrepreneur! 

An Entrepreneur is someone who is faced with a problem and works out the solution, their convictions rally a tribe and their ideas pick up momentum. An Entrepreneur makes their own decisions but never forgets they always have choices. Someone with an Entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t have to be a grown up, but it’s not something they teach you in school.

Every parent wants their child to have a happy and successful future. The problem is they aren’t sure how to prepare them for this rapidly evolving world. Life used to be easy. Go to school, pass your exams, get a good job… today it’s not so simple. The concept of work is changing rapidly.

However, there are children out there that grow up ready to take on the world. They have the attitude, the skills and can spot opportunities that are right for them. They are excited about life, they are prepared and know they will handle whatever life throws at them.  Raising a child with an awareness of entrepreneurship and the associated skills can change their life for the better even if they don’t go on to start or scale a business.

To be a successful entrepreneur requires creativity, empathy, communication skills, problem-solving ability and a knack for spotting something at the right moment and having the CONFIDENCE to act.

If this all sounds daunting, here’s the good news: your child doesn’t need to actually be running a business and employing people in order to gain these skills. At the very least, these same set of skills will steer them towards opportunities that are right for them. It’s not about pushing your child to be the next Steve Jobs or Anita Roddick — it doesn’t even matter if they never start a business at all in their life. What matters most is that your child feels a sense of control in this strange world at this strange time in human history. That they feel they have the power to set good goals that are right for them, pursue those goals and pivot when they chose to.

The Speaking in Public LAMDA syllabus prepares our learners, young and old(er) for a task that is daunting for so many people. Learners will research topics, write their own speeches, create visual aids and present them confidently. A skill set every adult wishes they’d perfected at school, especially now we have social media ‘lives’!

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