Edit Zsibrita

Front of House Manager (New Mills Team) - Enhanced DBS (Sep '22)

Headshot of Edit Zsibrita

Edit is our Front of House Manager at our New Mills branch. Her role is to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the front of house areas and she feels strongly about the importance of small actions including greeting our members with a smile, welcoming newcomers and pointing them in the right direction, answering queries promptly, and supporting the Take Part Team with all the administration needed to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our members.

Edit has 15 years of teaching experience and she knows there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the evidence that you’ve made an impact on someone’s life. Also, after five years as an Event Coordinator at a university, she learned the importance of bringing people together. There is something magical about the transformative aspect of creating an experience for a group of people.

In addition to teaching and event coordination, Edit currently work as a Business Analyst, identifying and acting upon opportunities for improvement which is a strength that she utilizes at Take Part.

Having never been involed in Performing Arts before, Edit tells us: “There isn’t a Saturday that goes by, where I don’t marvel at the wide-reaching benefits Take Part has for the children and young people of New Mills. It’s a joy to observe how their confidence grows, their imagination expands and how they become empowered in whatever career path they decide to take up in the future. Not to mention, how much fun they have together. I feel grateful to be able to TAKE PART in their journey.”

Small tasks, with big impacts. Be kind, listen, help and let people know their problems are taken care of and you contributed to their well-being – and that’s what Take Part is about making a difference to individuals and ultimately changing their lives.