Jazmin Waterworth

Performing Arts Tutor - Enhanced DBS

Headshot of Jazmin Waterworth

Hi, I’m Jazz and I have been with Take Part for almost 5 years. After seeing Phantom Of The Opera live when I was 8, I knew that I wanted to perform. After years of not being confident to do anything about my interest in the arts, I went to our local carnival and was handed a flyer for Take Part – and that was the start of it all.

My main passions are singing and dancing as well as helping other people sparkle with me! I am studying a BTEC in Musical Theatre at college, with the view to move on to Drama School. I am currently exploring the options that this could lead to, I am particularly interested in performing professionally and teaching.During my time at Take Part I have enjoyed being a part of the student team, the tutoring team and I have also volunteered as a chaperone. I have recently been investing in my training to make sure that I can deliver a student-centred approach and acknowledge each student’s individuality. I have been training in how to write social stories and how they can positively support learning and lifestyles.
One of my fondest memories of Take Part so far, is when we put on a production of “Elf” the musical and I had the opportunity to perform with the younger end of the school. It was this experience that made me realise that I had a passion to mentor and give those younger than me the opportunity to get the same buzz I had from a young age. I am looking forward to moving closer to being able to put on a show, developing my knowledge of Makaton and helping those that might not have had the chance to experience a “body scan” yet!