Roxy Verdon

Head of School - New Mills - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - Enhanced DBS (Sep '21)

Headshot of Roxy Verdon

Take a blend of a decade’s worth of private music teaching experience and Special Educational Needs training.  Add in 25 years of disciplined practice within my field, being a Mum to 3 wonderfully unique children, a strong passion for all of these things and a whole lot of nurture! I have strived to create a student-centred method of teaching, allowing all of my sessions to be accessible to absolutely everybody.

I have focused my area of training in ‘Pop Vocals’ which means everything, from Musical Theatre to Rap! ‘Pop’ is short for popular and we all have a different opinion of what is ‘popular’ to us and this is the element of music I truly believe in celebrating, our individuality.

You may want to build confidence, increase technical skills, understand the mechanics of the voice or just push yourself to try out new genres. All of this opens a world of versatility as a Vocalist. I live for the lightbulb moments with my students and my own children, to ensure that we take as much notice of the journey as we do of the result so that you can identify your progress yourself.

By using my own syllabus alongside Rockschool Vocals, my aim is to create your own toolkit to carry forward, enhancing the voice you have, and increasing your Music Theory and Musicianship skill set.  Ensuring the element of wellbeing in Music is encouraged and blended to it’s full potential along the way.

Roxy’s Value To Team:

  • Values Relationships and the need for people
  • Great encourager; Good Friend
  • Motivates others to achieve
  • Positive sense of humor
  • Negotiates conflicts; peacemaker