Stage 2

In these middle years your child is in a core phase of knowledge acquisition – we will encourage further growth and discovery by introducing them to fundamental methodologies and practices used with the performing arts industries at an appropriate entry level. This includes but is not limited to…

  • Vocal & Physical Confidence– opportunities for our pupils to play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and bodies with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.
  • Team Work– sharing responsibility for performances in order to communicate to an audience as a group.
  • Performance Skills– Performance will be based on creative engagement with the material and careful preparation. Learners interact with each other and demonstrate an awareness of relationships between characters.

For more information on what specific classes are available in your area please select your location below.

New Mills Glossop Marple

Group Classes

Theatrical Experience

Saturday Mornings | 09:30 - 11:45 (New Mills & Glossop) & 12.15 - 14.30 (Marple)| £8.25 pw (+£30 show fee)


Our theatrical experience programme aims to offer a holistic understanding of all areas of the performing arts to your child. Our classes cater from 3 Yrs through to 14 Yrs and the delivery approach will be tailored throughout their journey to accommodate the needs and requirements necessary of their particular age group.

Theatrical experience classes encourage an openness of the imagination, establish a safe place of creativity, promote teamwork ,enhance social/personal skills and generate confidence. They invite new thoughts, ideas and approaches, seek to instil fundamental performance disciplines and allow us to share our work with a supportive audience of family and friends at the end of the term.

A typical session may cover everything from drama games, vocal/physical warm-ups, acting, singing, dancing, devising, improvisation and much more!

We can’t wait for your child to join us on this exciting adventure – what are you waiting for? Jump in! Take Part.

Dance Club

Friday Evenings | 16:30 - 17:30 | £5 pw | New Mills Site Only


So you’ve caught your child on more than one  occasion bopping away to the beat. You want them to join in with other likeminded children in a fun, inclusive and creative environment but can only find dance schools with an emphasis on exams in your searches? Look no further, our Dance Clubs are just what you’re  looking for…

This class is a great way for children to socialise, exercise and learn the importance of teamwork. We do not work to a set syllabus or examination but instead promote inclusivity and development of skills through an open, safe and non-judgemental environment which we believe to be at the heart of unlocking creative potential.

We will begin to introduce the basics of stage discipline and direction, dance terminology, knowledge and contextual awareness, technique and core principles of dance such as building core strength, flexibility and stamina in addition to exploration of rhythm (especially when it comes to tap!).

As with our lower school classes we will continue to hone in on expression of individuality and artistic flair through the body and will look at how we can use this enhance a group performance but also to highlight soloists at given points in the piece. Al the while, we promote teamwork, equality and fairness and the importance of being a team player in an ensemble routine.

This is a fun, energetic and inclusive Dance Club covering various genres as follows:

Autumn Term – Tap
(Black tap shoes will be required for these sessions)

Spring Term – Jazz
(Black jazz shoes will be required for these sessions)

Summer Term – Street/Hip Hop
(Black trainers or pumps will be required for these sessions)

The group will take to the stage at the end of the academic year to showcase their work from all the different genres to a live audience. The evening always promises to be a high energy extravaganza filled with plenty pizzazz so be sure not to miss out once tickets are released!

*Please note that there are no examinations or assessments associated with this programme.

Simply Acting

Tuesday Evenings | 17:15 - 18:15 | £5 pw | New Mills Site Only


Always wanted to join in on the fun at Take Part but singing and dancing just aren’t your child’s forte? Fear not, for now they can simply act! Introducing ‘Simply Acting’ a brand new acting club starting in September 2021. 

Under the expert guidance of our Head of Acting, Sarah Smith, your child will explore the world of acting through early introduction to the techniques of acting.

We will start to think about the ‘why?’, in all of our training/workshops we will consider what the relevance is and how it can be useful in our onward development. As actors we will begin to understand that our own bodies and voices need looking after (just as a hairdresser takes great care of their scissors!) We will learn what it means to ‘look after yourself’ as an actor. 

Whilst we will begin to explore technique it will all be enveloped in a great deal of FUN! We will focus on nurturing your child’s individuality by supporting them in a caring, safe and non-judgmental environment.

We will bring characters to life ‘from page to stage’  and there will be plenty of opportunities to self-devise and create new and imaginative material. In studying characters we will look at narrative and key character roles and traits – e.g protagonist vs antagonist. 

As always there will be loads of fun activities such as drama games and improvisation, there is even a term dedicated to exploration of the Great British Pantomime!

The group will take to the stage at the end of the academic year to showcase their work to a live audience. With so much open creativity who knows where that evening may take us but it is sure to bring about a whole range of emotions from laughter, to tears, to smiles, to shock and joy, this is one event you wouldn’t want to miss.

*Please note that there are no examinations or assessments associated with this programme.

Harmonix Club

Friday Evenings | 17:30 - 18:30 | £5 pw | New Mills Site Only


Ever watched the likes of ‘Glee’ or ‘Pitch Perfect’ and thought “Hey, I wouldn’t my child getting involved in that” …. well now they can! Introducing ‘Harmonix Club’ a brand new club for singers and musicians starting in September 2021. 

Under the expert guidance of our Head of Music, Roxy Verdon, your child/ young person will explore what it takes to be a vocalist and musician. This class is completely fun, with no assessments or exams and is designed to introduce your child/young person to musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch, harmony, tone and artistry. We encourage all forms of musicians to join in, bring their own skills and instruments and jam together!

The group will take to the stage at the end of the academic year to showcase their work to a live audience.