Self-care for this half-term

18 Feb 2021

Mindfulness with Katie Sheen

During Lockdown 1.0 I was lucky enough to meet one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across.  


Katie Sheen is a Mindfulness Teacher and Speaker.  I attended one of her webinar’s this week and wanted to share some of her work with our families, at the end of a very challenging half term.

A note from Katie – 

My commitment to meditation has taught me to slow down and calm down, and to see things more clearly. With this clarity comes insight and, ultimately, transformation. It’s perhaps best described as ‘compassionate curiosity’. When we find ourselves anxious, it’s very rare that we take time out to ask ourselves the question, ‘What’s really going on?’ Once we’re able to approach ourselves with kindness and calmness, it’s much easier to get a sense of perspective and see a more peaceful way forward.
I liken mindfulness to practising scales in music. It’s not the scales alone – or in this case a session of meditation – that makes the difference. Its reward is in allowing you to go on and play a symphony – that of Life!

Katie’s online ‘Mindfulness for Anxiety’ course is now being watched in 112 countries across the globe, and was made free in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Why not treat yourself over half term, lock yourself away, indulge and Take Part in some self-care. 


FREE Mindfulness for Anxiety Course

You can find other online tools supporting well-being on Katie’s website: 

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