Self-Tape Workshop

12 Feb 2021

Self-Tape Workshop

Understanding how to set up, craft, and shoot a quality self-tape is such an important part of what we do at Take Part now.  This will also be a very useful skill as we move forward onto virtual assessments, auditions, interviews and casting processes. 

Performers often think that their talent will always win the day. In a room, that might be true. But on a self-tape, quality matters. Fortunately, there are some very simple, but comprehensive steps you can take that will make a massive difference in what you present to an examiner, audition panel, casting director or the world of social media. The goal is to keep the attention off cosmetic or sound flaws and on the performance, where it belongs!

On Monday of this week, Dan spoke to our P&P and solo LAMDA pupils about the need for self-tapes and why they are an essential part of today’s performing process.  When it comes to shooting at home, they learnt about background, lighting, space, angles, wardrobe choices and equipment they would need, as well as whether or not they should film horizontal or portrait.  

Some of the topics that were covered:

·      Filming from home using a smartphone

·      Setting the Scene at Home – Pointers to Keep in Mind

·      Background

·      Lighting

·      Angles

·      Equipment you will need

·      Horizontal vs. Portrait aspect on smartphone

·      Styling/wardrobe choices

·      How to Create the Tape and send it to us

·      How to understand the format to present it in