Legally Blonde Jr Auditions


We are producing Legally blonde Jr. at New Mills School and we are looking for our amazing cast…

All auditions will be held via video submissions, with the deadline on Wednesday 29 March 2023 at 15.00.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have signed up to our Theatrical Experience classes on Saturdays via Class For Kids. You can do this on our Book Classes page.

*Please note: To be part of the ensemble no audition is necessary as we are fully inclusive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


Take Part’s students will have New Mills thinking pink when they present their production of Legally Blonde JR.    
The fun and upbeat musical follows the adventures of a sorority girl named Elle Woods – a Gemini with a double Capricorn moon – who tries to win her ex-boyfriend back by earning a Harvard law degree.
Legally Blonde JR. may be a comedic, light-hearted show, but it also explores serious themes of self-discovery and independence which resonate with people of all ages. 
Delta Nu sorority president Elle Woods seems to have it all: good looks, a relationship with the “campus catch,” and great taste in clothes. However her life is turned upsidedown when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her in an attempt to start getting “serious” about his future and attend Harvard Law. Determined to win him back, Elle uses a lot of hard work and some charm to get into Harvard Law so she can prove to Warner that she’s serious enough for him. Once at school, she is challenged by her peers, professors and her ex, but with the help of some new friends, Elle realises her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world. 
With a book by Heather Hach, music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, Legally Blonde JR. is based on the book by Amanda Brown and the hit Metro-GoldwynMayer motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, which was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy.  

Character Descriptions

Below we have the music and lyrics for all of our principle roles where you can decide which roles you would like to audition for. You can audition for more than one role.

We also would like to highlight that children/young people of any gender can audition for any of the principle roles and the production is a fully inclusive show.  We won’t be changing the gender of the role or the name of the character or the pronouns associated with the character, as this would be a violation of copyright. 

For your video recording please use the backing track provided, not the vocal track.  Please perform the musical numbers, using acting through song suitable for the character – don’t just sing the song, we need to see a performance. 


Elle Woods

Character Description

Elle Woods may appear like a typical blonde California sorority girl, but don’t count her out. She is hardworking, optimistic and tenacious. Cast an excellent performer in all areas: singing, dancing and acting. Most importantly, find a young lady with an earnest, loveable spirit.

Script1 Script2 Script3 So Much Better Sheet Music So Much Better Guide Vocals (From the start until 1.04) So Much Better Backing Track (From the start until 1.04)

Margot, Serena and Pilar (and to be considered for the role of Kate, Chutney and Whitney)

Character Description

Margot, Serena and Pilare are Elle’s trio of best friends and Delta Nu sisters. These three roles are perfect for a group of young ladies with great singing and acting abilities, and most importantly, lots of energy! Handpick three girls who make a complementary, dynamic group.

Script Omigod You Guys sheet music Omigod You Guys Part 1 - Vocal Track (From the start until 1.13mins) Omigod You Guys Part 1 - Backing Track (From the start until 1.13mins)



Character Description

Warner Huntington III is a fantastic role for a young man who is both a good singer and actor. He is Elle’s ex-boyfriend and caught between his former life with Elle and his newfound serious East Coast life with Vivienne. Be sure to cast a guy who can play both worlds.

Script Song Lyrics Serious Part 1 - Vocal Track (start at 0.00 to 0.54) Serious Part 1 - Backing Track (start at 0.00 to 0.54)


Vivienne Kensington 

Character description

Vivienne Kensington is the very opposite of Elle, if judging only by demeanor. She comes from a very conservative East Coast background and is everything that Warner needs to make a serious move to become a lawyer. Cast a great singer and an actress who can make the bold transition from being Elle’s nemesis to being her friend.

Script 1 Script 2 Legally Blonde Remix (Part 1) - Vocal Track (from the beginning to 1.01) Legally Blonde Remix (Part 1) - Vocal Track (from the beginning to 1.01)



Character Description

Emmet Forrest has had to work hard his entire life to get into Harvard Law School, and nothing is going to come between him and becoming a partner in Callahan’s law firm, except maybe his surprising love for Elle. Cast your strongest actor with a great singing voice and the acting chops to boot.

Script 1 Script 2 Sheet Music Chip On My Shoulder Part 1 - Vocal Track (Start until 1.30) Chip On My Shoulder Part 1 - Backing Track (Start until 1.30)


Professor Callahan (and to be considered for the part of Dewey and Kyle)

Character Description

Professor Callahan is the most-feared professor at Harvard Law School. Be sure to find a young man who can convey authority and strength. Callahan need not be the most experienced singer, as long as he uses his best acting chops to portray this villainous role.

Script 1 Script 2 Whipped Into Shape - Vocal Track (1.09 - 2.07) Whipped Into Shape - Backing Track (1.09 - 2.07)



Character Description

A “townie” in Cambridge. Elle’s favorite brassy manicurist who longs for a meaningful romance of her own and loves anything to do with Ireland. Paulette provides sound advice and companionship to Elle. Must have great comic timing. Paulette is a wonderful role for your best comedienne. While she is a bold character, her self-esteem needs a little boost now and then. 

Script Song Lyrics Ireland - Vocal Track (entire track) Ireland - Backing Track (entire track)


Brooke Wyndam

Character Description

Brooke Wyndham is a famous fitness video guru on trial for killing her husband. This is a high-spirited role for a young lady who is a triple-threat: a great singer, dancer and actress. 

Script Song Lyrics Whipped Into Shape - Vocal Track (Start until 0.58) Whipped Into Shape - Vocal Track (Start until 0.58)

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