Freddie Evans

Director & Performing Arts Tutor (New Mills Team) - Enhanced DBS (April '21)

Headshot of Freddie Evans

Performing arts has been a large part of my life ever since I decided to enrol in Take Part 6 years ago. Originally, Take Part was a place where a young Y6 Freddie would spend his Saturday mornings in a fun, creative environment with friends.

Having spent a number of years here, I now realise that Take Part is much more than this. It works as an all-inclusive charity, focusing not only on the performing arts but also wellbeing branching out into other areas of the high peak with workshops and classes making take-part accessible to hundreds of children. 

My original focus when joining Take Part was the acting and onstage performance side of theatre, but opportunities have arisen throughout my time here to allow me to get truly invested in the technical side of theatre, in particular music production which I am now planning to study at A-Level. I would love to carry forward this passion and inspire the next generation to think outside the box and discover new ways to enjoy and contribute to the magic of theatre.