Spongebob the Musical Youth Edition Auditions


We are producing The Spongebob Music Youth Edition at Take Part New Mills  and we are looking for our amazing cast…

Auditions will be held via self-tape through WeTransfer with the deadline of 6pm Friday 21st July with the roles of Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Plankton and Sandy being given the option of a “in person” audition on Saturday 22nd July. 

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you have signed up to our Theatrical Experience classes on Saturdays via Class For Kids. You can do this on our Book Classes page.

*Please note: To be part of the ensemble no audition is necessary as we are fully inclusive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wearetakepart.com

A bit about the show...

Plunge into this stunning all-singing, all-dancing, dynamic stage show! When the citizens of Bikini Bottom discover that a volcano will soon erupt and destroy their humble home, SpongeBob and his friends must come together to save the fate of their undersea world. With lives hanging in the balance and all hope lost, a most unexpected hero rises up. The power of optimism really can save the world!

The SpongeBob Musical is based on the beloved animated series created by Stephen Hillenburg and features a book by Kyle Jarrow, with original songs by Yolanda Adams, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, Jonathan Coulton, Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Flaming Lips, Lady A, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, Plain White T’s, They Might Be Giants and T.I., and songs by David Bowie, Tom Kenny and Andy Paley. Additional lyrics are by Jonathan Coulton, with additional music by Tom Kitt. The musical production was conceived by Tina Landau.

An exciting new musical featuring irresistible characters and magical music, this deep-sea pearl of a show is set to make a splash with audiences young and old. The future is bright, the future is bold, the future is The SpongeBob Musical.

Character Descriptions

Below we have the music and lyrics for all of our principle roles where you can decide which roles you would like to audition for. You can audition for more than one role.

We also would like to highlight that children/young people of any gender can audition for any of the principle roles and the production is a fully inclusive show.  We won’t be changing the gender of the role or the name of the character or the pronouns associated with the character, as this would be a violation of copyright. 

Please note that there are other supporting roles that are not listed below, all auditonees will also be considered for these roles. 

For your video recording please use the backing track provided, not the vocal track.  Please perform the musical numbers, using acting through song suitable for the character – don’t just sing the song. 



He is optimistic and innocent; energetic and sometimes hyperactive. This actor should have the ability to move well and be an extremely physical actor – unafraid of climbing and being on tall objects.


Additionally: Must be naturally funny and have great comedic skills and precision. Strong pop tenor.

Script 1 Script 2 (Just a) Simple Sponge lyrics (Just a) Simple Sponge - vocal track (from the start until 1.06) (Just a) Simple Sponge - backing track (from the start until 1.06)


Patrick Star

Well-intentioned, but clueless, an innocent; a big softie, who can also be prone to sudden child-like fits of rage or frustration. He is Spongebob’s best friend as well as one of his two neighbours. 

This character requires excellent comic timing and vocal expression. 

Script Song Lyrics 1 Super Sea Star Saviour - Vocal Track (start at 1.37 - 2.39) Super Sea Star Saviour - Backing Track (start at 1.37 - 2.39)



His personality outweighs his size- slick, scheming, nefarious; has the ability to charm; determined, he will do anything to get ahead in life; but his heart is still open enough to rekindle a romance with his wife. Plankton is egotistical, aggressive and power-hungry.

This performer will be required to rap!

Script Song Lyrics When The Going Gets Tough - Vocal Track (from the start until 0.35) When The Going Gets Tough - Vocal Track (from the start until 0.35)


Sandy Cheeks

A brainy athletic Texan squirrel who came to Bikini Bottom for a research project. SpongeBob’s most trusted ally on their quest to stop the volcano from erupting. 

Script Song lyrics Chop To The Top - Vocal Track (from 1.36 until the end) Chop To The Top - Backing Track (from 1.36 until the end)



Mr. Krabs’ teenaged daughter who just wants to be understood by her father and sing with the Electric Skates. Pearl is happy, naive, well-meaning, and high-spirited. She wants nothing more than to fit in with the other residents of Bikini Bottom. 


Pearl is a singing role and sings solo and in harmony. 

Script Song lyrics Daddy Knows Best - Vocal Track (from 0.34 - 1.32) Daddy Knows Best - Vocal Track (from 0.34 - 1.32)


Karen Plankton

A waterproof supercomputer who is Plankton’s snarky sidekick and wife. She aids her husband in his plot to take everything over after realising that his evil plan is bringing them closer together. She’s 100% villain, and is more than happy to help her husband achieve world domination, with a side of sass!

Script Song Lyrics Bikini Bottom Boogie - Vocal Track (from 0.23 until 0.43) Bikini Bottom Boogie - Backing Track (from 0.23 until 0.43)




SpongeBob and Patrick’s cranky, clarinet-playing neighbor. He has a very gloomy outlook on life, believing the world’s “a horrible place filled with fear, suffering, and despair”, but nonetheless, he dreams of becoming a famous stage star for the sake of his late mother, and is willing to do just about anything to achieve his big break.

When performing your audition pieces, we are particularly looking for the notable vocal qualities of Squidward and the facial expressions and body language in response to other characters. 

Script Song lyrics I'm Not A Loser - Vocal Track (from the start until 0.34) I'm Not A Loser - Backing Track (from the start until 0.34)


Mr. Krabs

The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab, and employer of SpongeBob and Squidward. While everyone is off panicking about Bikini Bottom’s imminent doom, he decides to strike the iron while it’s hot and puts on a huge “apocalypse sale” at his restaraunt, exploiting the fear of his fellow fish to make him even richer.

Script Song lyrics Daddy Knows Best - Vocal Track (start at 0.20 until 0.35) Daddy Knows Best - Backing Track (start at 0.20 until 0.35)


French Narrator


The French Narrator, nicknamed Frenchy, is a supporting character in the SpongeBob SquarePants series. He is a deep-sea diver with a French accent. He introduces many episodes and reads time cards, narrating the show as if it were a nature documentary.




Other notable roles

There are an ocean of other notable roles that are available in The Spongebob Musical, all with lines and vocal parts included.

  • Mrs Puff – SpongeBob’s teacher at Boating School, an underwater school where students learn to drive boats like cars. She and SpongeBob are on an endless quest to get him a driver’s license, but due to his unintentional recklessness behind the wheel, they are never successful.
  • The Mayor – The overbearing mayor of Bikini Bottom. She claims that everything is under control as the apocalypse draws nearer, but it’s pretty clear that she has absolutely no idea what to do… so she decides to become a dictator.
  • Perch Perkins – The head anchor of Bikini Bottom News. He keeps everyone up-to-date on the current state of their doomed hometown.
  • Larry the Lobster – A muscular lobster who spends most of his time “getting his claws swole”. He eventually becomes the Mayor’s bodyguard.
  • Old Man Jenkins – A cranky old fish who leads an angry mob against Sandy for being a land creature.
  • The Electric Skates – A famous rock band who’s hired to perform at the Bikini Bottom benefit concert. Pearl’s a huge fan of these guys. They’re known to rock out while zipping across the stage on skateboards and roller skates, hence the name.
  • Patchy the Pirate – Arrrrr you ready kids? The pirate president of the SpongeBob fan club. Eager to see his idol star in his very own Broadway musical, Patchy sets up his own little VIP seat right in front of the stage, before getting booted out by security guards. He constantly tries sneaking his way back into the theatre throughout the majority of the show. 

To be considered for these roles, please sing the attached song and perform the script provided (read the part of the sardines, you can choose one to read or combine all of the parts into one)


Script Find out more Super Sea Star Saviour - Vocal Track - (start at 0.36 until 1.05) sing the part of the Sardines Super Sea Star Saviour - Backing Track - (start at 0.36 until 1.05) sing the part of the Sardines

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