Which Leanne Are You?

26 Aug 2021

Being a busy parent you can identify with at least one of these four versions of me… 

I have been both a working mum and a full-time mum and both can bring their challenges! As a full-time mum I experienced loneliness and guilt for wanting any ‘me time’ and as a working mum I gained the social connections however the guilt increased. On one hand, work is my ‘me time’ as I can have a thought process from start to finish without a million “Mum can you just…?”, “Mum can I have…?”, but the relaxation ‘me time’ is harder to find without the extra added guilt…


Frazzled Leanne

This can at times cause me to be frazzled!!! During these times I can struggle to string a sentence together, let alone plan family meals for the week. It’s then I know I need my ‘me time’. This can be anything from Netflix binge to a crystal or rhinestone project (anything glittery or sparkly will fill up my happy cup!). These are purely for me!

A while back I sang a song called ‘She Used To Be Mine’ and it captures perfectly the struggles that parenthood can bring, however in the musical we soon learn that as parents we are not alone and things will always be okay. 

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy Leanne

I naturally have high energy and believe in magic! So many things can be magical… Having been a Magician’s Assistant how could I not?

I am always fully invested in Christmas and fairytales and magic has taught me the power of belief. I believe we can all be special and we can all have our special powers (I like to believe one of my magic powers is to sing). 

The genuine joy of watching a child achieve their mission or conquer their fears is like electricity through my body – a true tummy flip moment. Watching my child grow is magical and his mind fascinates me! Getting to explore creativity every day and seeing his world get bigger makes me JUMP FOR JOY! I am lucky enough to get this feeling at Take Part too, some days it is like finding wonderland


On It! Leanne

Other times I am on it! All plates spinning at the same time and looking around the room for someone to high-five me. Work and commitments are organised and running smoothly, and at home the slow cooker is on! This means this weeks family meals are prepped! I am winning at life!

I try to make this happen as regularly as possible although, as you know, life throws us curveballs. My goal is to get back to this place as soon as possible because it feels amazing!

Eyes in the back of my head...

Eyes in the back of my head Leanne

Definitely being a parent has given me the super power of having eyes in the back of my head…

I’ve learnt quickly that silence is not always golden and I should start looking for the troublesome toddler and that pen! This power has helped me at work as I am now able to look round a room and see the things that are not always visible and this can be a child’s feelings or intentions. I pride myself on being able to adapt lessons and be student or child centred. I always look for creative ways to teach so I keep an ‘eye’ on making sure they feel safe, included and capable of amazing things, because let’s face it… they are!

From all versions of me I wish you a great week and hope to see you soon! If you want some ‘me time’… drop-in and see me at Glossop on a Saturday morning for a cha, we parents must stick together!

My email is glossopdale@wearetakepart.com

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